Thursday, June 12, 2014

The dirty secret that Sexercise hides

Sexercise…it became quite popular since Kylie Minogue released her video. Now, everybody wants to know if they can look good through this form of fitness and sex. Well, let me tell you my story so that you won’t be set up for disappointment. 

Just like everybody else, I want to look better. And, like most people, I want to do it without having to spend countless hours in the gym, so, I can say that I’m looking for an easy way. Which is perfectly natural, right? So, I started looking into sexercise, hoping that I’ll find a great way to have sex and lose weight. But all that I did was to set myself up for disappointment! 

The sexercise books and programs on the market aren’t worth a dime! 

So…here’s my journey and what I found about sexercise:

#1 The programs and books on the market are useless

#2 You will mostly find aerobics (including Carmen Electra who teaches women how to pole dance)

#3 Much ado about nothing!

A little bit of history

Truth be told that sexercise isn’t something new. There were a couple of books published starting the 1970s, that wasn’t the right moment for them. However, today, it is. The bad thing about those books is that they were highly influenced by that time’s take on life, meaning that they combine a very high techie and medical perspective with a very hippie one. Those books are more inclined to showing you how to properly stretch before sex and how to have a tantric approach to love making that helps you burn some calories.

But, who wants that? I personally wanted to find a sexercise book or program that’s telling how to have sex in the best positions that burn the most calories so that we can get fit fast and doing something that we love.

Let’s face it! Today, everybody wants to be fit! And all those diets, and pills, and exercises, and various workout devices are simply a waste of money! Why? Well, because diets are so harsh that once you finished the diet you go back to your old habits and you put on more weight than you lost. Pills because they mainly act as a diuretic, meaning they help you get out the water in your body, dehydrating you, which means visible results on the scale but not in the mirror! And the devices you see on TV all day long, well, those are pretty good, but still, they imply a rigorous workout routine which is downright boring and tedious!

Is sexercise just the newest scam?

You’ll be happy to know that, it’s not! It took me a while, and I invested, without any jokes, about $1k in programs and books until I finally found the only one that really delivered on its promise!
And you’d be surprised to know that I least expected to get what I got for a price of $4 (or something like that).

Thing is like this: I tried, sex aerobics, which are great, and they really make you sweat, but they’re still not sex! I tried the tantric approaches, which are basically stretching with your partner – a nice foreplay but not what I wanted! I looked for other programs and crap like that, and yet again, not what I wanted!

The Sexercise Book that really delivered

I found this on amazon, in the kindle book section. I downloaded it and the formatting was all off, which was just great! Needless to say, I was getting ready to give up on it too, but I was surprised to see the amount of images and the sexercise routines for both men and women, and the ones that the partners can do together.
So, I gave it a go. Two hours later, I knew that I had a winner on my hands!

Not the best formatting, but…it can’t all be perfect!

Now, the thing that I found a bit tricky was putting all into practice. This because it would have meant doing things differently, and I had no idea how my better half would react.

To be completely honest, I pretty much memorized the beginner routine, and after that, I stared easing into it in bed.

And I could feel it right away. The first time I tried and sexercise, I only did on position, and I started feeling how the muscles were really working. I couldn’t do it for long though, because I got tired. But I knew that it was what I wanted, and I carried on.

The next times I had sex, I started using more and more positions, until, finally, I was able to complete the first beginner routine! And I felt great! The sex was better than it was in years, and I was feeling like I came out from a long jog!

How it all worked out, and the secret that sexercise hides!

What I want to stress out is the way that you feel and your partner feels when you sexercise. For me, well, it was great, but my little darling had no idea why all of a sudden I was changing positions and I was focusing more. However, the thing is that, well, it was for the better, as after each sexercise number, my love would look at me and tell me “That was amazing! Let’s do it again!”

Now, the thing that I least expected when I started to sexercise was to have a better sex life. However, all of the bedroom boredom was gone quite quickly, and now, well, me and my partner enjoy our sex life more and have never been more in love!
So, I would have to say that the dirty little secret that sexercise hides is the fact that you truly get a great sex life!

What about weight loss?
Of course, everybody wants to know if you can really lose weight and get fit. Long story short, yes you can!
You see, I lost like 10 pounds just in the first two weeks, and I have to say that during those weeks I really didn’t do the whole beginner routine! I really worked hard and did everything by the book. And it was pleasant but tiring as hell, but really fulfilling!
And honestly, I didn’t really notice any difference until I was in bed and my lover asked me “is it me, or you’re starting to lose your love handles?”.  Yes, I know, not the best question to ask after sex, but when you’ve been in a relationship for 10 years, these things don’t bother you anymore. The next second I was out of the bed and on the scale. I shouted from the bathroom “Yup, I’m 10 pounds lighter” and then I went back to bed and we had regular sex, because I wanted just to relax and let go.
Needless to say, I started to sexercise even more after that, and well, right now, I’m looking a whole lot better!
But, what I really like is that, asides from looking great, I have more energy, and I enjoy sex more! And my sex drive is stronger than ever! Sex became a daily thing again, and, this really improved our relationship!

The secret’s name…
Of course, it wouldn’t be right if I would fail to mention the book that I used. It’s called “Sexercise, Lose weight and get fit through sex” and you can find it on amazon here:

The good thing is that you can read it on your computer even if you don’t have a kindle. And I highly recommend that you print the routines out and you have them close to you. After I came clean and told my partner about sexercise, we both started doing it, and now, we both look great, have a great sex life, and we’re loving each other more than ever!
If you want to make a good investment, then by all means, don’t do as I did, don’t spend money on stuff that doesn’t work, and try this book! After all, it’s cheaper than a pack of smokes, and a lot healthier!

So, in the next post, I'll share with you what I learned about sexercise, and how to do it so that you won't get sore muscles, plus some of my favorite positions! See you soon!